Hello you.

Poehee is an Amsterdam based multidisciplinary creative agency / graphic design studio with dedicated enthusiasm for creating awesome designs.

The range of fields encompasses: graphic design | illustrations | styling | photography | creative customized design.

Work & Clients
Poehee Creative Agency works for individuals, small-business owners and organizations and creates all sorts of marketing materials, branding elements and personal designs.

Services include, for instance, creating a logo, designing the layout for a magazine, illustrating a poster, making a wedding announcement or providing window lettering.

Poehee also works as a freelance photographer and stylist for hospitality businesses, retailers and other organizations.

More visual portrayal of my work is found on the homepage or, for business-owners, on the subpage zakelijk.

Poehee is founded and owned by Roosmarijn van Harten. 

I have a background in art history & American Studies and a master’s degree in Culture, Organization and Management. As life happened, I chose to get myself educated as graphic designer to free my creative spirit and put it to work.

I love to make amazing designs that spark joy (hello Marie Kondo!). That’s why I started Poehee. The name is a Dutch expression of amazement.

Some fun-facts about me:
● I am a big fan of everything Latin-American
● I love dogs! I’ve been dog sitting for over 10 years. My favorites were a golden retriever and a miniature dachshund. But the absolute winner is my own chocolate labrador since a few years 😍
● my nerd level is quite high as I overly enjoy the use of word jokes, doing puzzles and ugly sweaters #noshame 🤓

Ok. I’m not done yet. I wanna read more
You insatiable reader you! Ok, so here are a few more examples of designs Poehee could make for you:
• logo
• visual identity
• magazines
• brochures
• leaflets
• flyers
• concepts
• tabloids
• advertisements
• birth announcements
• wedding announcements
• tiles
• stickers
• illustrations and more.

Wanna meet?
In need of a freelance (graphic) designer with a broad and dynamic way of creating? I’d love to get to know you!
Drop me a line by ✉️ mail or 📞 phone